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My Personal Statement of Faith
Thursday, 1/10/2008

My priorities in serving the 14th District will be faith, family, and American competitiveness.

On a personal basis to me, faith is less about dogma and more about God’s grace. The two great commandments from Jesus are the perfect guide for life…honor God above all else and love our fellow man. It is divine assurance that there is order in the universe, and politicians are not at the center of that order, and that peace and prosperity come from love, work, and prayer.

Faith is the most important influence in my life and the lives of my immediate family members. I believe that God created everything in the universe. We are saved by faith alone, and “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17). My joy is acceptance of Jesus as my personal Savior. I admit my fundamental sinfulness, and celebrate my redemption in Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection.

As most of us do, I get to see how God calls each of us individually to do His will in our vocations. What 15 years of commitment to public service has taught me is humility in the face of human struggle and my imperfect ability to help conclusively and to decide correctly in every case. And, I have learned to listen with both ears and an open heart and mind. Then, I try to assist as best as I can.

Please remember me and my family in your prayers.

Senator Chris Lauzen

What they're saying about Chris Lauzen...

I first saw Senator Lauzen at the Memorial Day celebration this year at the Hampshire Park. He left an impression and a feeling that he has the character and presence that is so needed in Washington.

             - Duane

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Chris Lauzen Republican for Congress 14th Congressional District, Illinois
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